Graphic & Digital Design

Graphic Design is a broad term, it encompasses illustration, imagery and typography. When these elements are brought together, then this becomes Graphic Design.

Do I need Graphic Design or Digital Illustration? I'm confused...

Graphic Design and Illustration do have much crossover, an illustration can be perceived as being Graphic Design and a piece of Graphic Design can be perceived as being more illustration work. Graphic Design is generally the broad term for bespoke visual aesthetics where the layout of different elements have come together.

Below some of the images do focus more heavily on original and bespoke digital illustration, the difference (or subjective judgement) is really deciding whether there is typography, a message, statement or photographic elements forming part of the overall design.

Therefore some pieces do contain a complex or simple digital illustration basis, however the overall layout or message s the main focus of the piece, in this instance I have categorised a piece as being Graphic Design.

Check out the Digital Illustration page to see a huge array of my Digital Illustration work.

With some of the images below it can be difficult to determine whether it is Graphic Design or Illustration. Therefore the images displayed below I have categorised as Graphic Design on the basis that they pull together many different elements and possess a focus on typography and a message.