Social Media Marketing Content

Images, Video, Motion Graphics, Character Animation, 3D Animation... You can have it all

I urge you to not read the following

Social Media Marketing Content is content designed to be informative, engaging, memorable and entertain. Good social media marketing relies on content that encourages engagement and interaction from the audience. Getting likes and shares will create a trigger with the social media platforms indicating that a post is interesting and popular, this content will then be shared to a wider audience of followers. Seeing as though you are reading this after all, you may want to read the next section.

Why don't my social media posts get much reaction?

It is important to realise that your social media posts are not shared to all of your followers all of the time, however if a post is gaining popularity it will be shared to more of your existing followers.

This is the key problem though, your followers already follow you and what you really need is more followers to increase your audience. Posts that only reach some of your existing audience is ‘preaching to the converted’ and not reaching new potential followers.

Knock Knock! Who's there?

To reach a wider audience, firstly you need good content, not just attractive imagery, but content that will encourage users to like, share to their own followers and encourage interaction with comments. Utilising behavioural analysis of your intended audience is key. Humorous and esoteric content will not suit an audience that is predominantly following you for reasons that evoke empathy. Likewise the ‘inspirational message’ will not suit an audience that wants to be entertained. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why are you discussing gorillas?

There are many ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ techniques (not to be confused with gorillas), that can be employed, you want people to make the effort to come and visit you to see what is happening next, instead of churning out the same old image and message. My Masters Degree focussed on human behaviour, motivation and engagement with Digital Media, it is a very in-depth subject area and would probably take 80,000 words to describe here. Be assured there are a number of techniques and practices that can be utilised.