Privacy Policy

Do you read privacy policies on websites you visit?

Do they seem like lengthy legal contracts several pages long just in order to look at some pretty pictures?

Do they scare you off from reading and then you really don’t know what the policies are?

Hmmm… I’m not keen on those policies.

I actually want you to be able to read my privacy policy.

In simple English, my privacy policy is this:

I don’t need to know your weight, height, your favourite breed of dog, the information I collect is the information you readily provide using the Contact page in the form of either email (direct email or using the submission form) or through discussion on the phone, (unless of course your weight, height and favourite breed of dog is relevant to the project enquiry of course). This does also extend to discussions and communications by using other means such as social media, FaceTime, Skype, letter, postcard, semaphore, tin cans joined by string etc.

The information that is collected is only relevant to the enquiry you are making regarding either a prospective project or a current project, for instance what your business sells and you need graphics, web, animation or any other service I provide for that business or activity.

The information will be used if it bears relevance on the project or enquiry, for instance your email or phone number to contact you regarding the development of a project.

How will it be shared I ask you say?

I will not share it with anybody else, unless it is relevant to a project and you have provided consent for me to share it with somebody. For instance you may require a leaflet designing and I then send the design on to the the printers. You may want the printer to be able to phone or email you to let you know when the printing job is complete and is ready to collect. There are exceptions imposed by law enforcement, in this instance then full co-operation will be adhered to with legally binding requests dictated by UK law.

What if you provide me with sensitive information?

If you provide me with any sensitive information such as passwords, then they should only be relevant and necessary for a project you have asked me to work on. Any sensitive information such as this I keep on a password protected secure system. When they are no longer relevant for a project I will erase them. I would suggest though that if you do ever divulge passwords to me then you change the passwords when the project is no longer relevant to me or is no longer on-going.


I don't use Cookies on my website, as I don't feel the need to track people or gain insights as to site traffic numbers. It's really not important to me, my website is merely an online brochure to look at, getting obsessed with numbers of visitors and traffic could become an unhealthy obsession. Some interactive features may use Session Cookies, these do not track user information, all they do is temporarily remember a function has been selected, this is necessary otherwise all features would have the memory of a goldfish and not work. Session Cookies are not a requirement of GDPR regulations and do not require consent.

Other Cookies relevant to me

I don't eat Cookies either as I am from the UK and we call them biscuits. I do though have a dog called "Cookie the Wonder Dog". She was a real firecracker rescue dog when first adopted, but she has now settled down and a huge part of the family. She can shut the door on request, rollover and do other entertaining tricks. She came with the name Cookie, I didn't give her that name, ordinarily I wouldn't name a dog Cookie, but that is how it is, so Cookie she remains.

External Links

You may choose to visit an external link such as my Facebook page or Youtube channel. If you do, the external link is a choice made by yourself and the website will have their own privacy policy that will need investigating by yourself. Their privacy policy will be unique to them and out of my control. Please note though, all videos on this website that are Youtube embedded videos are embedded using 'No Cookie Mode", therefore Cookies are not used in this instance. If however you choose to externally visit the Youtube page they originate from then you will need to contend with Youtube's own privacy policy and consent process as that is their website and not this one.


Privacy is really about being sensible and using common sense. Yes it does take laws to be created as some people can be as daft as a brush, but we really don't need scary looking legal documents to be produced just to look at website or make an enquiry. The simple fact is that all relevant UK laws and common sense will be adhered to.

If you think I have made a mistake, then it really is not intentional, contact me and let me know and I will remedy the situation.