Fleetwood Lighthouse in Lancashire illustration

Fleetwood Lighthouse - Part of the lighthouse illustration series (inc free ghost story)

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I love lighthouses, I'd love to live in a lighthouse, fantastic views and an unorthodox layout. Perfect for spending a rainy afternoon listening to Radio 2 whilst tucking in to an egg sandwich. Because I don't live in a lighthouse I love illustrating them instead. This one is Fleetwood Lighthouse, part of my lighthouse illustration series. Let's have a little look at the history of Fleetwood Lighthouse and because I can't resist it, let's get a ghost story in there also.

Fleetwood Lighthouse, located in Fleetwood, Lancashire, England, is a historic and iconic structure that has been in operation since 1840. The lighthouse, which is made of brick and stands at 40 feet tall, was originally used to guide ships entering the port of Fleetwood. However, with the advent of modern technology, the lighthouse was decommissioned in 1977.

Despite no longer being in use, Fleetwood Lighthouse continues to attract visitors from all over the world. The lighthouse has a fascinating history, and some visitors even claim to have had paranormal experiences while visiting the site.

One of the most famous ghost stories associated with Fleetwood Lighthouse is that of the "Phantom Keeper." According to legend, the ghostly figure of a lighthouse keeper haunts the area around the lighthouse, dressed in old-fashioned clothing and carrying a lantern. Some claim that the ghostly keeper is searching for his lost love, who drowned in the sea nearby.

Other ghostly sightings include the apparition of a young girl and the sound of ghostly footsteps in the nearby sand dunes. Many visitors to Fleetwood Lighthouse have reported feeling a sense of unease or being watched while exploring the site.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Fleetwood Lighthouse is a fascinating and historic landmark that offers a glimpse into the past. So the next time you're in Fleetwood, be sure to visit the lighthouse and see for yourself if you can spot any ghostly apparitions.

So there you, the history of Fleetwood Lighthouse, a mention of egg sandwiches and a ghost story. Now that's value added in the times of a cost of living crisis.