3D Interactive Web Content

3D objects and designs embedded in your website that people can move around and interact with. Now that deserves a Wow!

What is 3D Interactive Content?

Quite simply 3D Interactive Content is bespoke 3D models and 3D Designs embedded as native elements in a website page that people can interact with. The level of interaction is limitless and is only constrained by imagination. You could simply hav a 3D object that displays in the page and rotates by itself or is rotated by the audience. In contrast to this you can have 3D objects that the audience can move around, hide and reveal elements of the object, make the object change colour or texture, provide information, you can more or less do anything with a 3D object, you can even have multiple interactive 3D objects on screen.

What can 3D Interactive Objects be used for?

First and foremost it could simply be for entertainment and interest. However more appropriate applications are for information and demonstration uses within your website or providing a unique form of design aesthetic. Imagine a 3D car where the user can move around the car, zoom in and out on features, then click on features to find out more about an element of a car.

Likewise you could have objects displaying 3D furniture that the audience can take a good look at from all angles. The audience could also change the colours of the furniture ojn screen to visulise the different colour styles available. You could also demonstrate features of the furniture such as wardrobe doors opening and closing or cabinet drawers opening and closing.

You could also demonstrate a building plan and let the audience have a look around the rooms and be able to gain a better understanding of how they are intended to look.

I think I've seen 3D content in websites before?

Are you sure? It is probably most unlikely. You may have seen images of 3D content in a website or have played a 3D game that is accessed through a website. There are some 3D services out there that will let you embed a 3D object in a website, however these are very limiting as they require a subscription to their service and do not enable you to have the interactive features of providing your audience with the ability to enable components and elements of a 3D object to move. These services also do not enable your audience to change colours and lighting or provide extra content and information on elements. The real negative of these services is that their own model viewer is required and will contain their own branding. My 3D Interactive Services do not require any additional plugins or components as they work natively with standard compliant web code.

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View and interact with a 3D VW Beetle in a webpage. Animate the car, camera view and change the colour of the car. Classic!

After creating a 3D model we are able to include the model in a webpage to provide interactive functionality such as user modifications to the 3D model or enabling animation, this is something that is simply not possible with standard image. This technology uses WebGL and HTML5 animation and will work in any web browser.

This creative technology is perfect for being able to demonstrate product or architectural concepts. Interactive 3D web apps are also fantastic for Elearning, enabling the viewer to click on objects to reveal information or learn from virtual demonstrations.