3D Design & Modelling

3D Design & 3D Modelling expands design opportunities. We can invest time building a 3D Model and then we can have an almost infinite number of viewpoints and designs generated quickly

Do I need conventional Digital Illustration or 3D Design and Modelling?

The artwork I produce is developed depending upon the need, this means a decision is made as to whether to draw using 2D vector illustration techniques or construct using 3D modelling.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of work. 2D vector illustration is scalable, meaning it can be resized to any proportions, whether this is for postage stamp size or for livery on the side of a bus. 3D illustration however means that a design can be created once, but then output in a limitless number of viewpoints (above, below, multiple sides).

Although a 3D model may take more time to initially produce it can be used time and time again to produce different versions of artwork without needing to redraw from scratch.