Art -the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination


Who is this Ben character and what does he do?

I am Ben Nolan and I'm a Creative Digital Media Specialist. I’ve worked within in purely digital professional creative environments for well-over 25 years. My professional career started with Channel 4 Television located at Horseferry Road, London. I then worked for Walt Disney Branded Television again in London’s West End for many years before moving back ‘Up North’ to the sometimes bracing yet fresh seaside.

I was Head of Digital Content for Yorkshire Regional Newspapers and became a qualified Further & Higher Education lecturer in Digital Media. I have taught full-time and part-time at degree level for many years and also currently work as an Academic Consultant within Creative Digital Arts for Hull University. As well as teaching qualifications I also possess a Masters Degree (MA) in Digital Media.

That’s all well and good, but what can Ben do for me?

I have a wide range of skills including graphic design, digital illustration, animation, 3D design & animation, character animation, motion graphics & typographic animation, website design & development, interactive content for websites, interactive 3D content for websites, video production & post-production and many more skills. If it is digital, if it is creative, then it is part of my skillset.

I can draw upon all of these skills and combine them to produce a creative project outcome that fits virtually every possible requirement for marketing content, social media, advertising, public presence and brand awareness for businesses and organisations.

Why should I use Ben for my business?

The advantage I possess, is that I do not need to rely on third-parties or out-source skills for any project requirement. The benefits of this for both myself and my clients is that we do not have wait for somebody else to complete an individual stage of a project within their available timeframe, in addition to this there are no extra cost implications of out-sourcing. When a client has a question or query with a project they always speak to me directly at anytime without needing to speak to a client liaison representative of an agency, who then has to act as the middle person between client and staff designers and developers. Myself and my services are quick, accessible and effective.

With my regular client-base I develop a close and friendly relationship, effectively becoming an extension of their own business.

Do you know what? It's not all business...

I am a creative person first and foremost, therefore I absolutely do create art for ‘art’s sake’. Similar to a professional musician or a professional footballer I am passionate about my creative interests and most definitely do not perceive my creative work as ‘just a job’. If that was the case then it would be time to give up and look at something different to do during the working week.

You will always find me busy with some project or other. I certainly don’t limit my creative output to the working week. This is why you will find me producing content for my own exhibitions, charitable and community organisations, artwork to challenge and satirise current affairs and a myriad of other reasons. I love what I do, The WowBen website encompasses everything I do creatively (mostly), whether it is for work, charitable endeavours or simply art for art’s sake.